Green Beans Coffee

Growing up in Los Gatos, California, we were drawn to the warm atmosphere of the small, local coffee shops. Spending time at these cafés together with friends and family, our love of, and passion for, the coffee culture flourished.

As our life journeys led us to live and work outside the US, we found ourselves unable to find the same high-quality coffee or café experience that had become so important in our daily lives. Other ex-pats we met also longed for that same 15 minutes of home; a place to gather, spend time together and enjoy a hand-crafted coffee beverage. We were galvanized to take it upon ourselves to fill the void and created Green Beans Coffee. We couldn't have foreseen the global impact our small company would grow to have over the next two decades.

Today, we handcraft over 20,000 cups of coffee daily in company-owned and operated cafés in 10 countries on 4 continents. For two decades, from San Francisco to Baghdad, we've been privileged to answer the call to serve in communities, neighborhoods, airports, bustling cities, and even active conflict zones, where no one else will.

When the first Green Beans Café opened more than 20 years ago, our mission was to deliver 15 minutes of home to soldiers deployed in the harshest conditions on Earth. While some companies refer to their busy stores as “war zones,” Green Beans Coffee brings the experience of successfully serving customers, consistently ensuring product availability and regularly transporting goods in ACTUAL war zones. Prior to our success in the airport industry, Green Beans Coffee tackled the almost impossible niche of serving U.S. and coalition military forces in war zones around the world, including the Middle East, Africa, Southwestern Asia, and Japan. The goal was to create a sanctuary where they could leave the chaos outside and enjoy a gourmet treat hot out of the oven or a smoothie made from fresh fruit, or a delicious cup of coffee in a relaxed café. Green Beans baristas knew their customers by name and often times had their drink ready by the time the soldier got to the counter. That first café was a collection of a thousand details, all executed perfectly for a smooth, seamless experience.

Green Beans Coffee is proud to have been the first U.S. food & beverage company to serve American and Coalition men and women in combat in Afghanistan immediately following 9/11. To this day, we open every café with attention to each of those thousand details because if just one detail is missing, a customer's experience won't be perfect or an airport employee will take their break somewhere else or a captain with an early-morning flight will get his coffee at another concession.

In 2018 we rebranded Green Beans Coffee and re-dedicated ourselves to being a forward-thinking Millennial-relevant food & beverage concessionaire willing to take chances. That forward thinking shows in our striking, modern "Elevated Kiosk" under construction now in SFO’s Terminal 3, and our store in the International Terminal. We've designed the kiosk to cater to travelers on the go by offering our industry-leading speed of service and full menu, inclusive of all-day parts, but we've also made it comfortable for the traveler or airport employee who wants to sit and relax. Our attention to detail is evident right down to the integrated charging stations.

Our product isn't the coffee or the fresh-baked treats or the breakfast we serve all day long, it's the experience. Our speed of service is quick enough for the traveler in a hurry to get a bite before they go through security, our café area is relaxing enough for the airport employee looking to unwind at lunch. Our on-trend look and feel attract business travelers, families, local sports teams and VIPs in equal parts. It's all pieces of a whole where the absence of one piece equals failure.

We're coffee lovers ourselves and our coffee selection has been cultivated over 20 years. Green Beans Coffee beans are sourced from Central and South America, and roasted locally in the US in small batches, just like they were two decades ago. We'll offer House Blend, our Founders' Roast, our French and Espresso Roasts and their decaf options.

Anyone who's been to our airport locations knows our selection of fresh-made pastries is unparalleled. We make them in our kitchens on-site all day long to keep our pastry display full. Fresh ingredients, larger portions, and a wide selection differentiate us further from the competition.

We were also one of the first brands to offer breakfast all day at our café: the Grand Croissant has eggs, sausage, bacon, crispy potatoes and pepper jack cheese on a fresh croissant. The Big Breakfast Burrito offers eggs, sausage, crispy potatoes, salsa, refried beans and pepper jack in a spinach tortilla. We offer a full complement of additional breakfast sandwiches on bagels or croissants.

Rounding out our day parts, lunch offerings include the Healthy Mediterranean, Southwest and Chicken Kale Savory Wraps in addition to Artisan Sandwiches and Rustic Salads.

The proof of our success is evident in the numbers: speed of service during peak times has allowed an additional 18-22% more customers serviced during peak morning hours, we consistently out-sell global coffee brands with comparable enplanements by 20% and we lead SFO in employee sales.

Our mission is in the name: we elevate the customer experience at Green Beans Coffee and all of our food & beverage concepts by paying attention to those thousand details, doing everything right, every time, everywhere.