The Candy Bar

Created to rise above the usual confectionery, customers pass through a multi-colored candy entry and approach The Candy Bar’s centerpiece: an actual cold marble bar where sheets of artisan chocolate bark and fudge made fresh on-site are broken down to order and gift-bagged for travel. A full selection of candy can also be bagged and sold in individual pieces and bulk.

The Candy Bar is an exciting new concept that puts candy on stage, front and center, from the moment guests walk into the store. A European-inspired, cold marble bar for breaking down freshly made on-site chocolate bark and fudge. Giant candy bars welcome you into the bright space where white marble countertops highlight the gourmet chocolate bark and fresh fudge. Gravity tubes of colorful candies including local Jelly Belly brand jelly beans seemingly extend to the ceiling with an endless supply of candies to self-serve and bag.

Guests will feel like they really are kids in a candy store- no matter the variety of sweet tooth, The Candy Bar has a flavor for everyone!

Our store design and product list was created with social media in mind. More than just a trend among millennials, taking photographs of food to share on social media is all the rage these days; from influential bloggers to snaps of a photogenic dish between friends. Every food blogger uses a crisp white marble background because it is one of the best ways to showcase the beauty of food. The Candy Bar will offer this same "Instagram-able" environment in which to showcase our chocolate barks, signature bars and colorful candies.

At the heart of The Candy Bar concept is the actual cold, marble bar where our crew members will break chocolate bark and peanut brittle freshly made on-site as well as pieces of giant candy bars from our nostalgic favorite brands. Much like the old fashioned taffy pull or the fudge laid out on a marble slab on the boardwalk, The Candy Bar will entertain and delight guests with a theatrical presentation. Here guests will find bark will be stacked in partitioned areas behind the glass on the bar, trays of samples as well as impulse items meant to delight and engage the customers as well as increase incremental sales. And because we make our chocolate bark and fudge on-site, guests will smell the wafting aromas from down the terminal.