The Candy Bar

The Candy Bar is an exciting new concept that puts candy on stage—actually, on a bar. In fact, we’ve elevated the confectionery experience by adding the bar as a centerpiece and an attraction. Guests can enjoy the spectacle of watching and anticipating as sheets of artisan chocolate bark and fudge freshly made on-site are broken artfully into sections and bite-sized pieces to order on the cold, marble bar before they are gift-bagged for travel. Inside, white marble countertops with gourmet dark, milk and white chocolate, gravity tubes full of colorful candies, including local company and national favorite, Jelly Belly Candies. Shelves of candy provide a cornucopia of sweet sights and smells.

This European-inspired candy shop is a pleasant surprise in the airport setting. Guests feel like kids in a candy store–literally–when faced with choices of gummies, chocolate bars and candies they remember from childhood, such as Bit O Honey, Sugar Daddies and Baby Ruth. No matter the variety of sweet tooth, The Candy Bar has a treat for everyone!

The Candy Bar was created to appeal specifically to airport target demographics: Indulgent Travelers appreciate both the high-end feel of The Candy Bar as well as the wide selection of candies, from gourmet chocolates to bulk pieces to throwback candies from their childhood. Road Warriors appreciate the ability to self-serve candy selections and check out quickly. Value-Conscious Vacationers can find value in our product list that offers them the ability to sample bulk candies without having to purchase pricier pre-packaged bags. From the giant candy bars at the store entrance to the sheer color explosion from all of the bulk candy in tubes for self-service bagging, The Candy Bar has plenty to make guests gasp in wonder. Unlike in other candy stores, guests can watch with excitement as chocolate bark, made fresh right on-site, presented in sheets, is broken up and bagged to order. A European-inspired candy shop, The Candy Bar will be sensory experience with the scent of chocolate, caramel and nuts from the bark being broken right in front of them perfuming the air.

Our store presentation is beautifully designed to entice travelers to snap a photo of our freshly-made on-site chocolate bark as it is broken by hand and floor to ceiling candy towers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, WhatsApp or whatever comes along next month! In fact, we will engage them even when they’re not in the store with a regular feed on our own social media pages which will feature “candy porn” photography of our sweets along with special offers inviting travelers and airport employees to visit.