Partnering with purveyors from San Francisco’s many distinct neighborhoods, Pronto offers SFO travelers, employees and flight crews a curated menu of specialty local provisions, packaged and ready for departure– Pronto!




Pronto’s fun, Euro-inspired bright design and exciting meal choices provided by local neighborhood purveyors naturally attract a lot of attention… from businesses and travelers.

Our goal with Pronto is to bring the neighborhood to the airport. As a local business ourselves, Pronto was developed to be a partnership with local purveyors. It’s exciting to be able to give other small businesses an airport showcase and  an opportunity to connect with travelers from all over the world. One of the benefits of sourcing our provisions locally is that Pronto! is able to operate with a much smaller carbon footprint that other airport QSRs.

The Pronto GoGo mobile marketplace, open now at SFO T3, is an exciting, instagrammable kiosk modeled after the Italian delivery truck. The Pronto GoGo features high-visibility branding, is rechargeable, and requires only one staff to operate. It offers hot and cold ready-to-ear provisions, sundries and a wide variety of bottled beverages. An eye-catching solution for capturing incremental sale at multiple gates through all day-parts.

Like our Blendology® and Green Beans Coffee® brands, sustainability is part of the DNA. Pronto proudly uses 100% compostable BPI-compliant packaging and drinking cups.

Because Pronto showcases a wide variety of purveyors and cuisines, the customer has an inclusive list of meal choices including: vegan, gluten-free, halal, and keto dietary preferences will have delicious options to choose from.  At Pronto, travelers receive Service with Gusto! as they browse through the creative offerings of Featured Local Purveyors and signature, chef-crafted cuisine “Made Exclusively for Pronto” by Whisk & Bowl® and San Francisco Mac + Cheese Kitchen®.

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