Pronto Welcomes Newest Featured Purveyor Jambar to SFO

Pronto Welcomes Newest Featured Purveyor Jambar to SFO

Pronto Welcomes Newest Featured Purveyor Jambar to SFO 2560 1706 Greg Rabbitt

Pronto, Elevate Gourmet Brands’ community-driven grab n’ go marketplace, is excited to welcome local purveyor JAMBAR to their SFO Terminal 3 marketplace. Founded in Marin, California, in 2021 by energy bar pioneer Jennifer Maxwell, JAMBAR is an organic, non-GMO, gluten-free energy bar designed to fuel your adventures, and “keep you jammin!” with four flavors travelers can choose from: Chocolate Cha Cha, Malt Nut Melody, Jammin’ Jazzleberry, and Musical Mango.

Ms Maxwell, an avid drummer and runner, and co-founder of the original PowerBar, envisioned JAMBAR as an instrument of positivity. Influenced by the free-wheeling music festivals she enjoys, the organic food movement, and her love of the great outdoors, Ms Maxwell began mixing unique flavor combinations with her KitchenAid mixer. Believing energy bars are only as good as their ingredients, she used only certified organic, whole food ingredients, ancient grains, berries, nuts, premium chocolate, proteins from sunflowers and organic dairy, and real syrup, juices and honey as sweeteners. Now operating out of a dedicated 10,000 sq ft plant in Marin, California, the ingredients haven’t changed, and JAMBAR is getting real, organic food into the hands of more people, and promoting community on a wider scale every day.

“JAMBARs don’t melt or crumble, making them a delicious, portable snack,” said Ms Maxwell. “Pronto lets Bay Area travelers take a taste of home on the road, while also introducing visitors to some of the area’s best food. We’re thrilled to be one of Pronto’s purveyors.”

Elevate Gourmet Brands was introduced to JAMBAR when Chief Financial Officer Benedikt Reifler attended the Monterey Jazz Festival. Mr Reifler, a drummer and music lover himself, was given some JAMBAR samples at the festival and was blown away by the taste as much as the brand’s commitment to music and the outdoors. JAMBAR donates 50% of its net profits to organizations that support music and active living.

“My wife and I loved the JAMBAR samples so much we had to get seconds,” joked Mr Reifler. “When I was able to speak with the founder and learn more about their mission, I knew they would resonate with our guests at the SFO Pronto. It feels like a perfect fit!”

Pronto offers SFO travelers a diverse selection of curated provisions sourced locally from Bay Area purveyors. JAMBAR joins Bay Area favorites like Indian Bento, Oodaalolly, Burma Love, Voila Juice, Esposto’s, Green Beans Coffee, and Ladle & Leaf with delicious, unique ready-to-eat meals, beverages, and sundries for all tastes. Pronto in Terminal 3 is the first of three Pronto locations Elevate Gourmet Brands will open at SFO. Another Terminal 3 location is planned to open in January of 2024, and a third location is planned for Terminal 1 in the summer of 2024.

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