Whisk & Bowl

Whisk & Bowl is a hipster-chic sweets concept, providing diners with a unique approach to satisfying sweet cravings.

Just like they do at home when something sweet is baking in the oven, guests will be drawn into Whisk & Bowl by following the sweet smell of something delicious baking. The romance will continue at the sight of delicately arranged, fresh baked artisanal pastries in our bright and welcoming pastry case, followed by a rush of memories when guests are surrounded by the smells, sights and sounds of our sweet treats featuring the flavors of Texas.

Whisk & Bowl draws a customer in with crisp white marble and simple but whimsical presentation reminiscent of bakeries found in upscale urban markets and in tiny made-from-scratch bakeries across Europe. This concept was created especially for airport travelers based on our research into their tastes and desires for sweet snacks. We've chosen to truly elevate the bakery experience to something handcrafted and unique.

Like Chef George’s recipes, Whisk & Bowl is a “from scratch” concept, therefore, we do not have statistics on industry rankings or past performance. However, based on the success of these scratch baked sweet treats in our Green Beans locations, we know that travelers will recognize the fresh, quality ingredients, unique recipes and local flavor profiles.