San Francisco Mac + Cheese Kitchen

Who doesn't love mac and cheese?

The San Francisco Mac + Cheese Kitchen offers the great American treat we loved as children redefined, elevated and diversified into exciting new taste variations. It's unique, it's familiar, it's warm and delicious made from fresh ingredients and served in 2 minutes. We paired it with the finest beers and wines the Bay Area has to offer and we present it in a Northern California-inspired rustic-modern, home-style concept.

The San Francisco Mac + Cheese Kitchen menu is the result of a collaboration between our R&D team led by Chef George Kennedy, the driving force behind our Whisk & Bowl concept, and Bay Area Chefs Josh Dellar and Jon Fink. With the concept of "In-Airport Indulgence" in mind, we sought to answer the questions: Why can't the best meal a Bay Area traveler has be the one they eat at SFO right before their flight? Why not create an offering everyone already loves, but that isn't available anywhere else?

Quality, consistency, local ingredients. Putting our heart into everything we do. That's what we believe in, and what we bring to our San Francisco Mac + Cheese Kitchen menu. We have no choice but to knock it out of the park: when you change a dish as nostalgic and close to peoples' hearts as mac and cheese, you better bring something new and improve upon it. We're confident we have, and we've refined it down to a 2-minute prep time. We can prepare a skillet of any of our mac and cheese dishes in the time it takes most restaurants to assemble and plate a sandwich.

The presentation should reflect the offering. At our Green Beans cafés overseas, we provide what is lacking: 15 minutes of home for our Troops that need it. Our first cafés were refurbished shipping containers: corrugated steel on the outside, modern European-style cafés on the inside complete with glass pendant lighting, quiet chill-out music, newspaper, magazines, air-conditioning, comfortable seating and classic appointments. Exactly what you'd expect of a coffee shop in Florence or Barcelona, right in the middle of a combat zone. We serve Seattle-style coffee in a relaxing, comfortable atmosphere where our baristas pride themselves on knowing their customers' drinks before they even get to the register.

The same thinking lead us to develop the Northern California-inspired look and feel of the San Francisco Mac + Cheese Kitchen. As Bay Area foodies ourselves, we enjoy the rustic-modern interior design and decor that's on-trend for the region's eateries, mainly because it's a trend that is timeless. We wanted the Kitchen to exude a warm, homey feel as you approach. Early on we knew we wanted to use a warm color palette in the decor and the collateral, notably International Orange in the distressed steel of the counters and the take-out bags, to form a subconscious connection with one of the most recognizable icons of the City by the Bay: the Golden Gate Bridge.

We decided to showcase local beer and wine to complement the upscaled variations on the mac and cheese dishes. We placed the desserts on display dishes to showcase the full breadth of the menu. We photographed the food from above in rustic place settings to show the texture, and we placed it on three monitors so that we can change the assortment imagery dependent on the time of day, for maximum appeal and traveler relevance.

We're proud to offer San Francisco Mac + Cheese Kitchen as a culinary love letter to our home, the Bay Area.